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Since 1983, ProLuxe has been in the business of providing customers with quality custom-designed restaurant equipment. Our signature product, DoughPro, sets the standard for the industry in dependability, customer service and product excellence. Fill out the form below to download our Product Brochure.


We combine the best team in the industry with time honored manufacturing techniques.


ProLuxe DoughPro products have been providing kitchens throughout the world with consistent, quality performance for over 30 years.


ProLuxe TortillaPro products utilize the same patented heating technology as our DoughPro equipment. The patented embedded heating element allows for quicker heating
 and recovery, and is backed by the ProLuxe exclusive limited lifetime warranty.


Our ProLuxe ProGrill products take your food preparation to a whole new level of consistent quality and performance.


TerraLuxe stone hearth ovens can be customized for any size kitchen. Our design artisans are available for a free consultation today.

We provide quality, dependable solutions.

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